Elaine Whitefield

Director of Custody

Elaine Whitefield is Director of Custody at DMS Bank & Trust (DMS Bank). As Director of Custody and Trading, Elaine brings to the bank almost 20 years’ experience working within the global financial and banking services industry.

At DMS Bank, Elaine is responsible managing and overseeing its cash management and treasury desk which includes overseeing the activities of the Trading team ensuring its trading platform integration with liquidity providers and relevant counterparties. Elaine’s role within the bank means she is also responsible for managing all custody functions including the onboarding and maintenance of new trading and custody clients.

Prior to joining DMS Bank in 2023, Elaine was Senior Manager, Treasury at Dart Management Services where she led the collateral management function and provided management of the Settlements Department including employee training and Development. Prior to that she held the role of Senior Management in their Settlements division. Elaine started her career in financial services in 2008 when she joined Butterfield Bank (Cayman) in the role of Wealth Management Coordinator, moving shortly to the position of Investment Broker within their Asset Management Department.

Elaine graduated from The Royal (Dick) Veterinary School of Medicine, Edinburgh University, Scotland with a Master’s degree (MScDip) in Equine Science and gained a BSc Hons in Zoology from the University of Glasgow, Scotland. She spent a year abroad on a full Sports Scholarship (Lacrosse) at Temple University, Philadelphia, USA (Major ‐ Sports Science) Elaine is a Certified Investment Manager (CIM) and is currently working to complete the Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) designation